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Focus Groups

Creative, qualitative feedback

Focus groups are a valuable market research tool for obtaining creative, qualitative feedback from your current or potential target audience.

These group discussions let you explore important issues with the people who matter the most to your plans. You can define problems, test ideas, gather details and gain insight that you wouldn't get from any other methodology.  Consider the value of collage techniques to understand the customer's experience with your service or product or projective techniques such as personification to truly 'see' your firm's persona.

The Research Edge plans and coordinates all facets of your focus group project. One affordable fee covers recruitment; a professional moderator/analyst who was trained at Burke Institute in Cincinnati, OH; facility rental; audio or videotaping; food and beverage arrangements; and incentives.

The experience you need
We are experienced in conducting focus groups with consumers, business professionals, executives, physicians and other professionals.

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