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Collect accurate, quantifiable data efficiently

The Research Edge advises clients on questionnaire design to maximize the clarity and flow of the study. We use a collaborative team approach with clients to incorporate your knowledge of your business to the best advantage in survey tool design.

Prior to fielding a new study, we conduct a pre-test to assess how the questionnaire works overall. Some of the specifics examined during a pre-test are sample usage, screening questions, clarity and flow of questions and response categories, length of interview, incidence and clarity of instructions.

The Research Edge's 20-station outbound call center utilizes Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software from SawTooth Technologies, allowing for complex survey designs while ensuring proper data collection and sample control. The system enhances the interviewing process by automating several functions, including sample processing, quota control, callback scheduling and disposition reporting.

The results prove it
Interviewing, sampling, coding and data processing are handled with the utmost care. Quality monitoring occurs during conduction of interviews and after, ensuring accuracy. In addition to on-site monitoring, we provide off-site monitoring technology to enable you to conveniently listen in on the interview process from any location outside of our call center.

The experience you need
Finally, our highly skilled, in-house interviewers are thoroughly trained on each project, allowing us to provide you with the highest possible quality.

Case in point
'We should all be proud of all of our accomplishments over the last year plus.  We've offered the business a phenomenal amount of data to improve service delivery and operations.  I hold you both in very high esteem.  Your personal and professional ethic is incredible.'

Research Project Manager
Fortune 500 healthcare company

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